Monday, November 8, 2010

How to use FlipVideo and Photos of Summer Institute

Still trying to decide if I can use all the FlipVideo footage and photographs I have of all
of our field trips during this summer's institute!  I am having trouble locating lesson plan(s) that fit in with my videos of our military training or Freedom Trail walks or even the battlefields of Concord/Lexington.  A lot of great lesson plans from Heritage Museum and Mass Historical Society are Middle School or High School and can be adapted.   Another planning issue I am running into if that we don't cover the American Revolution until January so how do I document the students doing the lesson now?  We are currently working on PowerPoint presentations of Explorers and in December/January complete our unit on Colonial life and what led us up to the Revolution.

Some lesson plans I am considering are the National Heritage Museum's lesson on:

Taxation and the French and Indian War I think I can incorporate more primary source documents into the lesson and extend the scope to include another day(s) but still thinking how to incorporate technology into this lesson,

Another lesson I am considering is from the Mass Historical Society are

Johnny Tremain and the Members of the Long-Room Club : I like this lesson(s) idea because I can do this with my higher reading level guiding reading group and have them read Johnny Tremain and then research each of the members of the Long Room and have the students create a Video/Movie about their member and teach in their video what is a primary source and how they used them in their research. I could then use their movie as part of the social studies unit when we get to it in January/February.

The other MHS lesson I am considering is

From Tea to Shining Sea: A Primary Document-Based Unit on the Boston Tea Party: This is a high school lesson and would needs lot of modifications to meet the needs of my 5th graders but it does involve many primary source documents and it is one of the events leading up to the Revolution. 

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