Sunday, January 9, 2011

FlipShare Video/YouTube Issue

I finally decided how to do my primary source lesson on the Battle of Lexington! Taking into account that I am running out of time and that the 5th graders are not in the American Revolution in their curriculum, I decided to do a test run with my home room.  We reviewed what we mean when we say what is a primary source? secondary source?  Then, I handed out a copy of  the student worksheet: What Really Happened? and had students watch the video of Alex Cain, Revolutionary Re-enactor talk about the Battle of Lexington on the Lexington Green that I took in July, 2010.  The only problem is that the FlipVideo I took also picks up the traffic noises so that I had to play the video twice for the students to really hear what he is saying. They answer the questions on the worksheet and afterwards we discuss why this video as a secondary source.

Another problem I had with this video is that is was 17:21 minutes and I could not upload the video to YouTube which only takes videos under 15 minutes.  I used the FlipShare software on my laptop to trim the video. I tried to end it at a good spot where it made sense and it ended up 14:20  minutes. I was then able to upload the video to YouTube and then able to post to my blog.  The Blogger software is difficult to post videos directly to the blog unless you upload it to YouTube for example first.  There are ways on YouTube to make our video private so no-one without the link can view the video and you can enter no tags to make it un-searchable.

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